Arctic cat prowler 1000

Модельный ряд UTV Arctic Cat на 2020 год

В линейку UTV Artic Cat 2020 модельного года войдут модели Wildcat XX, Stampede, два варианта Prowler Pro и Prowler 500 в обновлённом дизайне, благодаря новым цветовым схемам и графике. К сожалению, Wildcat X, Wildcat Sport и Wildcat Trail в 2020 году не будут обновлены. Вот что известно о новинках к сегодняшнему дню:

Prowler Pro LTD

Loaded with a whisper-quiet 50HP engine, tons of storage space and more than 50 custom and easy-to-install accessories.

  • NEW Performance Tuned Clutch
  • NEW Trail Ready Suspension
  • Increased Ground Clearance to 13 inches
  • 3-Passenger Bench Seating with Behind Seat Storage
  • Quiet and Smooth 3-Cylinder EFI Engine
  • 17.95 cu-ft of Storage
  • Standard Features & Accessories: Premium Bumpers, Standard Doors, Color Matched Springs, 4500-lb WARN Winch, Roof and Overhead Console

*Freight and set-up cost not included

Prowler Pro LTD

ProwlerPro racing through terrain

Noise-Reducing Design

Prowler Pro features an engine and vehicle design that we perfected and built right here in the U.S.

Prowler Pro lets you hear the people next to you and the world around you, with features that lower decibels and improve “tone,” or quality of sound. Prowler Pro operates between 59-76dB – for comparison, shouting level is 100dB.

We did our homework and implemented a design featuring optimized engine mounting, a precision-tuned exhaust system, a vibration-reducing frame and a sound-dampening intake design. All so your ride starts quiet — and stays quiet.

Prowler Pro side by side

Arctic Cat Stampede 2020

Arctic Cat Stampede 2020Arctic Cat Stampede 2020

Двухместный Arctic Cat Stampede оснащён 846-кубовым 80-лошадным рядным двухцилиндровым двигателем и подвесками на двойных А-образных рычагах с ходом 9,5 дюймов (24 см) спереди и 10,5 дюймов (26,7 см) сзади. Эта модель оснащена выбором режима привода 2WD/4WD, автоблокировкой переднего дифференциала и блокируемым задним дифференциалом. Кабина обладает повышенной багажной ёмкостью, а опускаемый кузов имеет грузоподёмность 600 фунтов (272 кг).

10-inch Front and 9.5-inch Rear Suspension Travel

The stock ride quality of the Prowler Pro suspension has been greatly improved with a lift kit to achieve increased ground clearance. In both loaded, and unloaded driving conditions, the Prowler Pro handles more aggressive terrain easier with less bounce and increased control.

Prowler Pro side by side

Up to 13-inch Ground Clearance

Increased nearly three inches over previous models, the Prowler Pro boasts an impressive 13-inches of ground clearance. (XT & LTD)

812cc 3-Cylinder EFI Engine

812cc 3-Cylinder EFI Engine

50hp and 48 lb-ft of torque works hard without the noise. New CVTech TrailBloc clutches provide the smoothest take-offs for towing and hauling workloads, but when its playtime, the performance-spec clutching reacts quickly for pulse-increasing throttle response.

Prowler Pro side by side

Next-Level Storage

Whatever you need to take with you, Prowler Pro has a spot for it with loads of built-in storage space.

When you’re on the job or the hunt, you’re not making the journey alone — your gear has to come along. Luckily, we designed plenty of space with features like:

  • 17.95 cu-ft of Storage
  • 14.72-cu-ft Cargo Box
  • Multiple In-Cab Storage Compartments
  • Spacious Glove Box
  • Behind-the-Seat Storage

On top of that, a customizable modular design lets you remove and stow passenger seats, all so you can make the most out of every square foot of Prowler Pro.

Capacity Cargo Box

1000-lb Capacity Cargo Box with Tilt

Rocks, mulch, you name it — shovel 1,000 pounds in the back and drop it off with ease.

3 Passengers in Prowler Pro side by side

3-Passenger Seating

Bench seating can be removed for additional storage space.

Pro Pro Window on a Prowler Pro side by side

More than 50 Custom-Built Accessories

Prowler Pro is made to make your own with countless ways to customize.

We developed over 50 custom-built, hard-working accessories so you can make your perfect Prowler Pro. Find your perfect fit within each of our accessory categories, including:

  • Lights
  • Doors
  • Mirrors
  • Tires and Wheels
  • Windshields
  • Bumpers and Brush Guards
  • Roofs
  • Winches
  • Storage Options

We also included a 75-amp alternator to power each accessory along with pre-wired connection points to make them easy to install.

Rear of Prowler Pro side by side

Selectable-Locking Rear Differential

A dash mounted button allows the rear wheels to rotate independently so you don’t tear up fragile turf or property while turning.

Prowler Pro side by side Wheel

NEW 14-inch Aluminum Wheels and 27-inch Tires

Rolling Stock has been restyled with new 14-inch aluminum rims and 27-inch tires.


Toolless Access Panels

Panels can quickly be removed by hand, making vehicle maintenance and upgrades simple.

Prowler Pro side by side Towing

2000-lb Towing Capacity

Pull a ton behind your Prowler Pro and tackle the biggest jobs on your to-do list.

Arctic Cat Accessory Kit Prowler Pro

Adventure Kit

Our best selling essentials and necessities for your Prowler Pro Crew.

This kit includes:

  • Full Poly Windshield
  • Rear Poly Window
  • Rearview Mirror

Arctic Cat Accessory Kit Prowler Pro

Protection Kit

Get out there and ride no matter the conditions.

This kit includes:

  • Soft Doors
  • Ploy Hard Top
  • Full Windshield
  • Rear Poly Windshield
  • Rearview Mirror

60th Anniversary Decal

60th Anniversary Badge

Celebrate 60 years of Arctic Cat with this commemorative badge.

18-month Warranty

18 months of rock-solid coverage so you can have peace of mind at work and on the trail.

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